Steak Fit for the Flintstones

by mitzimsa on January 20, 2018

Tomahawk Steak

Steak is one of our favorite items to prepare on the grill. Living in Southern California the weather allows grilling most of the year. We get to experiment and try out just about everything you can imagine on the grill.

The Tomahawk Steak has been popular in restaurants and steak houses and has become a readily available item in most big box stores meat selections. For quite some time you’ve been able to pick up the Tomahawk at your specialty gourmet market, my favorite Bristol Farms.

Tomahawk Steak Rage

This beautiful piece of beef resembles a tomahawk axe hence its name. It happens to be a long-bone Rib Eye and is cut from the center of the rib about 2” thick. This big boy stands out in any crowd just the sight of this well-marbled steak will impresses every time!

We’re talking a steak that can be up to 36 to 40 oz and then some, it’s not suggested that any one human being eat this much beef in one setting so we usually share one around our house.

Like I said earlier, we like to prepare ours on the grill but it can be done in the oven. I don’t suggest frying due to the size and thickness. It will come out marvelous prepared in the oven but before popping into the oven I would sear both sides on top of the stove in a large frying pan. Whatever way you decide to cook this baby be sure to let it rest before cutting. A good 10-20 minute nap, will allow the heat from the bone to redistribute. You will sink your teeth into one juicy succulent steak.

Since you’ll be sharing this steak here’s a few tips on cutting to get the best flavor and avoid toughness. You want the meat to just melt in your mouth so that you can enjoy all the flavor that is has to give!


Once rested, grab that long bone like a cave man or the Flintstones (if your familiar with this cartoon).  Lay that big boy on a cutting board. Cut along the bone lengthways to separate the meat from the bone and locate the grain. Place your knife perpendicular to the grain and slice this steak across the grain into nice thick juicy slices! Enjoy!!!


Booze Spiked Cocoa – Try This on a Lazy Winter Day

by mitzimsa on January 17, 2018

Cocoa for the Grown and Sexy!



Spiked Cocoa on a Winter Day.  As it is for everyone, its Winter…. some of us will fair this time of year better than others but we all have what’s called winter weather. Go out on a limb and trust me when I say add these items listed below to your grocery list this winter you’ll thank me later!

Whether You find yourself in a Bomb Cyclone, Polar Blast or Torrential Rain whichever one; you will be spending time at home hunkered down in a Netflix and Chill type of way.  Why not make up a batch of hot cocoa and spike it with a libation to warm your inners.

Don’t run to the cabinet and pull out that little packet that you add hot water and voila instacocoa.  Grab the ingredients suggested for your grocery list and your favorite large mug. The process of making cocoa from scratch may take a few more seconds but the reward will be much greater!

Since we’re talking Cocoa

You’ll of course need some type of milk or milk substitute and your choice of ingredients from below.

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Bittersweet Chocolate

In most cases you probably already have the next three items as a staple in your cabinet or pantry



Vanilla Extract

Peppermint, whipped Cream and Marshmallows can also give a kick to a cup of cocoa!

Hope you left room for spiking…it’s time for the booze!

This is where it’s a matter of preference as to what libation you choose. Whether you want to warm your inners or take a nice long nap you choose your state of mind and liquor pairing.

Here are some of my suggestions of libations that work well with hot cocoa.

Vanilla Vodka (newly added to my list of favs)

Cognac (Remy, Hennessy VS edition in both brands will work just fine)

Red Wine (Yes, red wine…no need to go high end)



Kahlua happens to be my all-time favorite mixed with hot chocolate it’s like I’m having dessert along with a cup of coffee. Click here for my simple recipe of Kahlua Hot Chocolate. Enjoy, oh by the way you’re welcome!  Now go and post that cup of Hot Spiked Cocoa on Instagram!!

Thanksgiving Memories of Yesteryear

by mitzimsa on November 19, 2017

 Thanksgiving - Remembering Yesteryear

Thanksgiving – Time To Gather 

Family & Friends

The other day I was talking with a co-worker and she expressed that her 6 year old daughter was sad due to Thanksgiving not getting it’s just due when decorating for the holiday. Little Miss had tears in her eyes as she explained to her mom, “in the store they always have a whole lot of stuff for every other holiday but what about Thanksgiving why is there only turkeys? It’s not time for Santa, is it?”

She is so right, now day’s we go from Halloween straight to Christmas well, Christmas shopping that is on Black Friday which really starts before you can get the Thanksgiving Dinner on the table.

Thanksgiving Yesteryear

Remembering the yesteryear of this wonderful fall holiday is so warming.  When I think about it, getting together with family members watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thanksgiving morning is always the best!  Family members jump on highways and byways traveling from near and far just to enjoy the family gathering and all the good food. There has been many discussion and planning with the family on who would prepare the Big Bird on down to the crudité platter.

The table would be dressed as if it was ready for a photo shoot for a magazine spread. This was one of the occasions when the fine china and silver would make it’s grand appearance. The buffet would be dressed with the silver service to hold the coffee and hot water for tea throughout the long day. And if you were in charge of the mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese you better know what you were doing in the kitchen.

In my family it was pretty much sacrilegious to mess up any part of the meal. Therefore there was a hierarchy followed when it came to the prep of the bird, dressing and gravy.

After going into the food coma and finding your spot to crash during the football game. You would awaken with your mind on dessert if not another helping of the main course before satisfying that sweet tooth!

However your decide to spend your day, lets keep this time reserved as an opportunity to gather with family and friends to enjoy this wonderful time to give thanks.


Trick or Treat? Not like I Remember

by mitzimsa on October 30, 2017

Trick or Treat Smell My Feet!

Trick or Treat House

With the fall holiday season drawing near it’s time for all the ghost and goblins to come to your door screaming TRICK OR TREAT!!  This also brings to mind how the tradition is nothing like it used to be.  For starters NOT ONE of the little creatures have a joke in store for your listening and laughing pleasure.

We use to spend hours teaching and practicing our Trick or Treat jokes and the delivery, to earn that extra piece of candy!  Back in the day this was part of the fun as well as seeing who was most creative with the costume. Our Mothers would spend hours planning and sewing costumes fit for the runway.  Of course there was always the kid that put their creative juices to work and would come up with something that the explanation would be a scarier then it looked!!

Trick or Treat? I Don’t Think So…

Aww, the good old days!  Older family members would get seats front and center by the door to be able to enjoy the festive time.  If they were able they would give out a treat or two to the cuties bringing miles of smile to all involved.

Why, back in the day children may even have stepped into the entry way for their rations. Or you would pale everyone in the car and go from neighborhood to neighborhood collecting bags of candy bigger then the little trick or treaters!

But, today I have found that not a lot of neighborhoods bother to participate in this holiday due to foolishness that’s going on in the world besides the cost of candy.

It’s Just Not The Way It Use To Be

Now we have to be aware of who’s coming to the door before we can opening, you don’t want to be subject to home invasion.  The little ones have to be aware of which houses they solicit for a treat with all of the bad people they could encounter and let’s not forget the tampering of the goodies that are handed out.  Nowadays you can drive around for hours and never find a street that has more than a few houses that are taking part in the celebration.  There goes the great work out for the parents before raiding the goodie bags later that night while the children sleep!

Finally, today trick or treating is… purchased customs of whom ever the child’s favorite cartoon or movie character is or possibly whom or whatever is in the news. Parties are being held at churches, community centers or private parties within the home for their little ones. Then there’s the mall and trunk or treat events.  Be sure to seek out events in your neighborhood!

BOO, whatever way you decide to celebrate, I want you to have a Happy Halloween  and a fun and safe time out there Trick or Treating!!!!!

Gift Ideas: Letter to the Last Minute Valentines Day Shopper

by mitzimsa on February 13, 2017

Valentines Day Last Minute Suggestions:


valentines day card

So, you’ve taken it down to the wire and have no idea of what to get your Valentine this year. First let me say “SHAME ON YOU”  here’s my Last Minute Valentines Day suggestions, let’s move on!

It’s too late to order flowers for delivery to the work place, standing in line for chocolates is going to be a long wait and you can’t find a restaurant that will take your request of a reservation. But, you must not let your gift appear as if it’s last minute. Whatever you do…




All of my following suggestions will involve dinner! If you can cook, then do so if not remember the earlier mention of not being able to get a dinner reservation? Don’t fret pickup food to go from a fancy or their favorite restaurant take it home, put it on nice dinner wear, lower the lights, light some candles, sprinkle a few rose petals around the table and enjoy each other’s company over a nice relaxing dinner. Create a loving mood!!

Say Happy Valentines Day With Dinner & More…

Suggestion 1 ~Early morning trip to the Mall, by pass all other distractions and head for the fragrance counter. Once there rely on your sense of smell as to how you would like your Valentine to smell when your snuggling up tonight. Next go to the lingerie department and buy practical PJ’s (like cotton or flannel, depending on the weather). After dinner, warm the PJ’s in the dryer and tuck your Valentine in to bed. Next pour a libation chilled or warm whichever way they prefer as long as it warms the inners, enjoy a good movie or TV show together! Be sure to have them try out the new fragrance, like I said; you’re sure to be snuggling tonight!

Suggestion 2 ~ Now if you were up on your game and snagged a Dinner Reservation go that extra step…buy as many scented candles as you can, place in a gift box with a note that reads…”keep one lit so our flame never goes out!” You have no idea of how this will touch the heart of your Valentine…sure to put a smile on their face and will go down in history as one of the best Valentines Day Gifts Ever!

Suggestion 3 ~ After that dinner that you’ve either created personally or purchased (shoot your mom might have hooked you up) but, that will be our secret! Hand over a card with tickets to a future event along with a note that reads “these tickets are to make sure we keep this love thing going on! The Valentines Day Gift that Keeps Giving!

Suggestion 4 ~ You may not be quite sure how to let your Boo know that it’s ok to have an impromptu sleepover… this will give the hint in style. After dinner hand over a cute or nice leather overnight celebrity bag to make it loud and clear! This one is reserved for your Shining Star not just on Valentines Day!

Some may think these ideas are lame but, I’m a sucker for LOVE, they’re just a few that can keep you on the porch and not in the yard, so to speak. I mean really, what do except these are last minute ideas but they score big Valentines Day Points!!!!

Wishing You The Best of Luck In Love!

Mitzi Ms Adventures


The Shops at Montebello for the Holidays

by mitzimsa on December 5, 2016

Holiday Shopping at The Shops at Montebello!

The Shops at Montebello Mall Sign

Recently I was invited to preview the wonderful holiday experience that Simon Mall The Shops at Montebello will offer you and your family this holiday season! A great place to shop for the largest gift giving holiday of the year!

Now that the turkey has been gobbled, Black Friday has had it run, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are thing of the past; off to the mall we should go! Why not spend your holiday cheer shopping The Shops at Montebello!  Santa is waiting for you to whisper in his ear what you would like to see under the tree this year.

My experience started off by being hosted at BJ’s! This restaurant is great for dinning either alone or with a group.  The menu selected for our group reflected Al Fresco Dinning only indoors.  BJ’s offered great food, a warm environment that allowed us to share information and get to know one another!

Let The Shops at Montebello Preview begin!!

cotton-on-montebello-16Cotton On’s official opening ceremony had taken place earlier in the day.  I was told that customers lined up at 4:30 am to be one of the first 100 for a special prize!  Upon entering the store the DJ was spinning music that put you in the mood to shop and bop along to the beat. I was even picked out of the crowd of bloggers by the manager and complimented on my “Cotton On Style”, ” it was very reflective of the stores brand if I must say so myself!”





This politically correct Australian based brand is an outstanding company that gives back in so many ways.  Not only in the quality of the product you find in their retail stores but, also by investing in careers and future generations globally.  The workmanship and quality of the items sold at this chain speaks volume of who this brand is. Shop Cotton On and let your gift be a gift that keeps giving far beyond this holiday season! You’ll always support a good cause if you shop Cotton On!


While chatting with Santa, Elves and the rest of the crew we munched on treats from the Sweet Factory as while as previewed some of the holiday deals from a few of the retailers.  If your like me you have to feed your sweet tooth throughout the holiday season. I recommend you check out The Sweet Factory to fulfill your craving and be sure to pick up a few treats for your guest.

Representatives from Forever 21, JCPenny and Guess were on hand to discuss coming promotions for the holiday season!

The Shops at Montebello has a great variety of retail brands and eatery’s to choose from while taking care of all your holiday needs!


Los Angeles Staycation Frame of Mind!

by mitzimsa on August 4, 2016

 My BlogHer Staycation

untitled (5)
The status of my life at present doesn’t allow for a real vacation so a STAYCATION it will be! Being a caregiver will not always allow  you to getaway.  I’ve been in this position for the last 3 years not complaining just need some getaway time all alone!!

Chil I need a break!  And there’s no better time for me to plan for some me time. BlogHer 2016 is coming to my beautiful city… Los Angeles!!

So I’ve booked a hotel for a couple days right outside my back door per say. Downtown LA has so much to offer for a staycation.  I’ll reconnect with bloggers that I’ve met along the way, learn new tricks and tips for the blog and meet with brands in hope of doing business. With all of the activities during the conference it will feel as if I’m far away from home.

Now the funny thing about this is when I travel I like to take items from home that will make my hotel stay as comfortable as home. But, a staycation can take this to a whole new level!

Packing for Staycation

Staycation In Downtown LA

As I prepare for my staycation I’m trying to decide what items to tuck away in my bag.  Or do I need a special bag just for comfort items?? Loll

When traveling I order fresh flower for my room for I’m always surrounded by them in my home, it’s a weekly purchase.  Since I’m in my home town and not far from the flower district, I’ll just take a trip to Wall Street and put together an arrangement for the GODS!!!

Looks like the first thing in the bag should be a nice vase to hold the bouquet that I will arrange!  Next on my list… Champagne!  The bubbly always puts me in a refreshed state of mind! (Note to self don’t forget the champagne flute)!

I like for my home to have the aroma you get when you walk into a Pier 1 imports or Bed Bath Beyond. These two spots always smell wonderful the moment you walk in the door. I’ve managed to duplicate that in my home with the layering of scents.

Therefore third runner up items will be a candle, room spray and my electric oil burner…must keep things smelling absolutely marvelous darling!!

The next combo will be my lovely bath pillow with a special combination of bath bubbles, oil and salts so that I can drift off to some exotic place in my mind while reading my current issue of Afar.

My final item is a must…a variety of my favorite teas for a mornings soothing moment before it hit the conference floor!

All of these items will assure that my staycation is just the brake that I need before returning to my reality , you know that thing called life!!!!

Hop on down to the comments and share what you tuck away in your bag for vacation to make your stay like the comfort of home!

Menstruating Vs Period and the App for that!

by mitzimsa on August 3, 2016

Menstruating or Period It’s All The Same

Menstruating feminine-products-150x150

Menstruating Ugh!  When I was growing up and coming of age the dreaded experience of one day out of the blue bleeding from my private area was so scary. So scary that it gave me stomach pains just thinking about it. This was not something that I wished to discuss out loud and my Mother always conveyed that this conversation should be held in private.

While out on a Saturday shopping date with my granddaughter, she decided that it was time to be inquisitive about different subjects that related to the human body of both genders. All I could say in my head was lucky me. Somehow these darn kids feel more comfortable discussing these issues with me rather than their parents. I went through the same thing with my grandson several years back and I truly wished he would have gone to his grandpa but for some reason I was the lucky one at that time as well!

Anywho, the conversation started out with the old questions of how her grandfather and I met. Now this was no surprise for some reason she likes to hear this story over and over every chance she gets. She makes it a habit to get my version and also my husbands on a regular. I told the story the same way as the time before but, this time she came with some additives to this regular questions. Well now that the door had been opened to private conversations I had a few questions of my own for the little lady!

Menstruating Vs Period Which Term Do You Prefer?

I wanted to know how educated she was on the subject of Menstruating. First off when I said menstruating she just laughed and laughed. I took a few moments to see if I could come to some conclusion as to what was so funny about the word menstruating or ministration. Since nothing came to mind for me I ask what was so funny? She replied “what the heck is that, what are you talking about, what in the world does that mean…it sounds crazy! I went on to explain what I was speaking of and all of a sudden she shouted out “Oh your talking about my PERIOD! To my dismay teens today refer to menstruating as period, it’s not as if we never used this word but we defiantly only used that word in the company of girls and in private. She went on to explain that everyone refers to it as period and not only in private, she wonder what was wrong with me “it’s a natural thing of life” she stated.

This really peeked my interest I wondered if phrases like “Aunt Flow Is In Town This Week” still existed. If the word menstruating was funny, I kind of already knew when I quoted the Aunt Flo phrase she would almost roll out the car door with laughter and she did!  As we continued with the conversation…. I got an education on that Saturday, to say the least.

Get A Menstruation App!

No longer a need to count the days and mark on a calendar there’s an app for that! Go to Google Play and search there are quite a few, type in  whatever term you like, you’ll find the app that’s right for you!  I also learned no one starts with pads and graduates up to tampons anymore, they jump right on into the pool of tampon use. And if all of this was not a surprise they have Period Panties that allow you to go tampon free with security from your heaviest to lightest days! Go ahead Google it!!

We’ve come a long way baby I guess the stigmatization may be taking a turn I’m almost convinced that our attitude toward women’s reproductive systems are no longer looked upon as gross in our country as for other country’s I believe the stigma is still present and misunderstood.

Hey take a moment and share your thoughts, I’m all eyes and ears!




Living with Kidney Disease

by mitzimsa on August 2, 2016

Life With Kidney Disease

Kidney Living

My husband is not the only one living with kidney disease.  He may be the one with the disease but I’m living with it as well. Once he was diagnosed with kidney disease and decided to let me in on the news the devastation that he had already tried to deal with on his own set in for me as well.  I instantly wondered how this was going to impact his, our and my life.  But I was eager to learn all that I could so that I would be able to support, give and get my husband the best care possible.

Dialysis…we would soon be about that life.

Funny thing once I took a deep breath I was able to reflect on how much  I already new about the disease due to it being one that had affected my mother in the later years of my life.  All I knew was what was told to me from her perspective and a few visits to her treatment while home visiting.

The finance strain it placed on her and the issue of transportation was unreal. When one is too sick to drive or has other extended circumstances that will not allow them to drive it’s very draining along with extended hospital stays, restricted diet, depression, medication cost and the other medical conditions that seem to come along with the territory; to say the least  my view was not that positive.  But, the one thing that RANG LOUDLY in my head was, that dialysis treatments would be needed for him to live until we received a new kidney which is another beast that must be slayed later.

The following morning I walked into my bosses office and explained what was going on in my life and how I did not know what I was going to do…how will I do this job and continue to take care of my husband?  My boss assured me that all would be okay and reminded me of the fact that the first year that I worked for him he donated a kidney and that his receiver was doing just fine.  In fact I met the man and his family when they came to California for a visit.  This reminder and kindness put me at ease and allowed me to see some light at the end of the tunnel before I even started the real walk of the journey.

I can remember the first visit to the center to receive information and training.   This was a very intense course that was taught with much care and concern for the patient and family member. Your blessed if you have a family member with you.  I never knew how important it would be to have a family member or friend involved in the process, until I continued to see new patients arrive for training all alone.  The training nurses kept reminding my husband of how lucky he was to have me and they would also pat me on the back for being such a wonderful advocate for him. Not only were we going through training for home dialysis but attending information sessions and being registered for a kidney transplant.  Yes, your life goes into a tail spin!

Walking into training and information session was always such a shock to my system, most places there was never an empty seat unless you arrived early. This made it very clear that in 2013 there are not many that have not been touched by the disease whether it be a close family member a family member of a friend or friend of a friend. Everywhere you turn I continue to see dialysis center being built to meet the demand of patients that enter into this lifestyle daily.

When living with this disease you feel so alone, not only the patient but, being a spouse of the patient can be lonely as well.  You lose contact with friends as they carrying on with their own lives.  A night out for dinner and a movie with your spouse can be a thing of the past and I find that I’m able to go shopping for fun as long as it’s on the internet at home. This proved to be the most difficult parts of dealing and living with Kidney Disease for me. You see, I’m a social butterfly and stay involved in so many community, social and personal projects. You start to feel as if your setting in the dialysis recliner along side of the patient. Your life is not what you have know it to be or what you envisioned it would be.

Damn You Kidney Disease

People will say that their there for you and “if there is anything they can do to help let them know” but, you will have to take into consideration that when you may need them your needs are not their priority; for good reason.  I’ve learned first hand that people mean well but their not willing to make adjustments in their life to keep a commitment to you.  This does not only apply to friends but family as well.

Reach out to organizations, nurses, social workers and other patients for advice and resources while going through this journey and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel if you take off the dark glasses and look towards the light and keep faith!

Our journey is not over and we continue to rely on one another daily to make it through. Considering I’m a glass half full kind of girl, I continue to uplift my husband and try to make his good days his best memories of this journey as he awaits the call for his new kidney which will bring quality back into our lives!






Is the Generation Gap Closing?

by mitzimsa on July 21, 2016


Generation Gap

Baby Boomer or Generation X, I can take my pick… I was born when the clock was about to strike 12 and land me in the next generation grouping. But, I find myself being surrounded by Generation X and Y’s and in so many ways we are all starting to take on some of the characteristics of the Millennial Generation.


I myself can relate to the attitude of a Millennial without that one pesky trait “a sense of entitlement” I don’t so much mind the fact that they over share on social media and that they are so frank I can hang with that. Why, I’m more than likely accused of doing the same by many but with a little more tact.  But, if you’re looking for a straight answer you’ve come to the right person I operate under the theory of if you don’t want to know don’t ask!

Working in Television and Film most of my meaningful career I’m sure has kept me young along with not having children of my own. I’ve always been able to dance to my own tune whenever I wanted even after marriage. So, I choose to work for high powered producers and studio heads and had to stay on the curve of what’s happening in the industry not to be left behind or to be looked upon as an old crazy lady trying to be young. But, now that the days seem to be getting longer and the nights shorter,  hair grayer and aches/pains in my knee, back and hips along with 3-4 inch heels looking like danger; the Millennials way of thinking on several levels is all right by me.

Yes! I want to work smarter not harder and all the new technology offers that solution. Not all Boomers are unfamiliar or afraid of technology more of us have embraced these practices more then you can imagine. I dance around social media on a regular and own my own piece of real estate in the Cloud so to speak….I run a Blog, post daily on Face Book, Instagram, Pinterest and will jump on Periscope in a second flat.

Looks Like We’re All In The Same Generation Game

Furthermore we all seem to be in search of job security that will carry us to the next level in our life or career. We want work to be a happy place and have flexibility to conquer work- home balance.  The work-home balance may be for different reasons but the balance is very appealing when it comes to holding a position in the work force. In this day and age it seems all generation groups are starting to establish interest in some type of entrepreneurship opportunity.

With all that being said, seems to me where still all on the same page looking for the same things in life just for different reasons so remember when you’re dealing with a generation other than your own the generation gap as we’ve known it to be is closing and where becoming more alike than different only for different reasons.